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Achieves 21% better mileage

A deeper tread depth for the pattern design and low Tg polymer to strengthen the binding force of carbon and silica lead to better wear performance

Achieves 3% shorter distance in terms of wet braking performance

A newly developed tread pattern with four main grooves improves drainage performance

A compound combining silica and Yokohama’s original Orange Oil technology improves wet grip performance

Pattern noise is 0.6 dB lower

A five pitch variation reduces disturbing noise, which interrupts a comfortable driving experience

Realizes 13% improved handling performance

For handling performance, the yaw angle at lane changes has been lowered by 13%.

YOKOHAMA achieved this by enhancing tread pattern stiffness through an interlocking shoulder block and 3-D sipes. This means stable handling even with SUVs/Pick-ups, which often carry baggage.

Available sizes 15 inch - 20 inch