”Extreme Grip with environmental Performance“
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Secure Grip on rainy days

AE50 Special compound that elicits exceptional maneuverability

Use of double silica BluEarth-A tyres employ two types of high-quality silica with different properties. This optimizes the compounding ratio to achieve both superb wet and fuel efficient

Performance. Fuel Saving and Wet Grip

Quietness for a more comfortable ride

Total balanced performance

AERO dynamic technology reduces air resistence


Asymmetrical tread pattern



The inner side of the tyre includes sipes on the shoulder to suppress uneven wear.

The outer side of the tyre incorporates wide non-penetrating grooves on the shoulder block to realize enhanced stability when cornering



Dimples on shoulder

A dimpled design on the shoulder reduces tyre air resistance.

This contributes to greater fuel efficient performance.

Available sizes 15inch - 18 inch