”Emotional Handling“
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Emotional Handling

Most advanced ADVAN profile

Profile adapted from the ADVAN Sport V105.

Improvement of the steering stability by high speed range requested by European car manufacturer.

Improvement of optimization of the ground contact.

Extreme Wet Grip

Directional pattern enhances water evacuation.
Expels water when driving on wet roads and improves drainage.

Environmental new sport compound

Several polymers are blended in “nanoBLEND Compound.” It was designed for the optimum balance of superior wet grip performance, high fuel efficiency, and wear resistance.

Low Noise Sport Tire

Non-penetrating lug groove pattern increases overall performance.In contrast to the main groove, the non-penetrating lug grooves increased performance in a variety of ways.

Cool & Attractive Design

A direction pattern offers an attractive and aggressive look.

Available sizes 15 inch - 20 inch