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MS compound 2R

Lives on in the spirit of YOKOHAMA sports tires.Sustaining a powerful grip using newly developed “MS (Micro Silica) compound 2R.”

Improved dry grip

Increases carbon in the compound

Ensured wet grip

Compound Micro Silica

Realizes great rigidity and improved resistance to wear

Macromolecule Blended Polymer

Enhanced adhesion to road surfaces With Orange Oil

An evolution in wet grip

Evolutions in tread pattern and tire compounding deliver improved wet performance under a wide variety of conditions.

Sequential round grooves

Forces from the road surface are spread and dissipated by the round grooves to improve the mileage. The positioning of the grooves is also effective in draining water on wet surfaces

Uniblok Shoulders

Using circumferentially continuous single shoulder blocks without any gaps, rigidity at the tread is increased, ensuring a powerful grip and further shortening lap times.